Daniel A. Beach Jr.

Contact Information:

2200 Lake Village Dr. #603

Kingwood, TX 77339

Cell: 832.315.0006






OBJECTIVE:     To obtain a position in and further develop myself in management. 


SUMMARY:     •   More than twelve years experience in retail and guest service including eight years in food and labor

                                management with La Madeleine Inc. and two years with Lowes Inc.


EDUCATION:  Louisiana State University of Baton Rouge                                   1999 - 2001

                           School of Design & Architecture

                           -Working on a Bachelor degree in Architecture and a minor in business management.


                           Caddo Magnet College Preparatory High School                         1995 - 1999


EXPERIENCE:   Paint Department Manager, Jan 2009 to 2011

                           Lowes Inc. Store 1145 (Wallisville)

                           •   Am responsible for delegating tasks to maintain a clean, safe, and stocked department.

                           •   My obligations include but are not limited to the coaching and training of associates in my department

                                on superior customer service through sales and the adherence to the IMPACT model as well as promoting

                                sales to meet or exceed a set budget.

                           •   Responsible for supervising the adherence to company standards and promoting the Lowes culture.

                           •   Began as full time Sales Associate and was promoted to department manager within a year.



                           Painting with a Twist; Woodlands location, September 2010 to current

                           •   Basic duties of set up and clean up for each class.

                           •   Managing sales, refunds, and credit cards transactions.

                           •   Order maintenance

                           •   Instructing adults and children in acrylic painting techniques in an entertaining atmosphere.





                           Store (Labor / Food) Assistant Manager, August 2005 to September 2008

                           La Madeleine Inc.

                                -Location 3024 Jefferson Hwy.; Baton Rouge, Louisiana

                                     -General Manager: Mike Nowood.

                                -Location 3004 Carrollton Ave.; New Orleans, Louisiana

                                     -Transferred to location at request by D.O. Cliff Ford.

                                     -General Manager: Brenda McBride.

                                     -Was offered General Manager Position but had to temporarily refuse

                                      due to personal family obligations.

                                -Location 3047 Perkins Rowe Center; Baton Rouge, Louisiana

                                     -General Manager: Chris Latona (Of whom I hold a great deal of


                           •   Was responsible for managing successful shifts and leading 12 to 16 employees during each ten to fourteen

                                hour shift.

                           •   Developing and maintaining company standard labor, food, and sales tracking reports on a weekly basis.

                           •   Recorded and managed Daily Sales Logs.

                           •   Producing a satisfactory and minimal associate weekly schedule.

                           •   Developing and coaching associates in Food Safety, Safety in the Work Place, Guest Service, and Money


                           •   Participated in weekly inventory (Product and Merchandise).

                           •   Was responsible for interviewing and hiring of new associates start to finish as well as their termination

                                when necessary.

                           •   Maintained and improved upon food safety and handling standard practices at each location.

                           •   The collection, Balancing, and Depositing of store daily income.

                           •   Keying in invoices and work orders using Eatec.

                           •   The mastery and teaching of Micros Point of Sale System to fellow associates and members of my manage-

                                ment team.


                           Associate Manager, June 2000 to August 2005

                           La Madeleine Inc.

                           •   Was responsible for running successful shifts and management of 12 to 16 employees during a ten hour shift.

                           •   Responsible for customer service and overall satisfaction.

                           •   Responsible for supervising and producing company standard menu items.

                           •   Began as line associate / sautι and promoted to associate manager.


                           Art Coordinator, May 2002 to March 2006

                           Chicago’s Restaurant

                           •   Developed contracts and applications for artists to exhibit.

                           •   Wrote and mailed press releases and promotional information.

                           •   Managed sales transactions between the artist, buyer, and restaurant.

                           •   Was responsible for physically hanging show and printing of flyers and brochures.


                           Other jobs held:

                                -Night Stocker at Wal-Mart Super Center on Siegen Ln. Baton Rouge,


                                     -Duration of six months beginning December 2001.

                                -Baton Rouge City News Stand – Store Manager

                                     -Duration of four months prior to taking job with La Madeline Inc.


ACTIVITIES:     •   Full time self employed artist – Daniel Beach Fine Art© and www.danielbeachgallery.com (Includes marketing,

                                design and web site building, heavy use of Photoshop editing tool, press releases, and managing)

                           •   Authoring of my own book, How to Whisper

                           •   Post Hurricane Disaster Relief Volunteer


REFERENCES:  •   Chris Latona – General Manager for Perkins Rowe La Madeleine


                                Known for 10 years

                           •   Adam Meshell – Life long friend and coworker


                                Known for 24 years

                           •   Jeremy Gilbert – Life long friend and coworker


                                Known for 22 years