For nearly 4 years, I volunteered time as art coordinator for Chicago's Steaks Bar and Grill. It began when a dear friend, Katherine Gividen, introduced me to Pat Mahon, owner and operator of Chicago's. I had been invited to a dinner banquet being held at Chicago's by the Louisiana Culinary Association. Pat and I hit it off immediately, brainstorming ideas for a make over of the restaurant, exhibits, paticipation in the biannual "Art Hop." We even formulated events of our own including local music from Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Not long after meeting, we were hosting 4 local artists and 2 musical performers a month. We posted flyers and handouts everywhere we thought may prompt a response.


Chicago's Restaurant is no longer there, or rather has been replaced with another establishment, but I will never forget the people I met during that time, the information I learned, and the fun and freedom of the experience. Below are several of those flyers and posters. Even the cover for the new menu roll out that remained until the restaurant closed in late 2006.

Restaurant MenuArt Hop Flyer for fall 2005Flyer from January 2006Flyer from March 2006Flyer from April 2006Flyer from May 2006

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